About Acne (Pimples/ Breakouts)

  • Acne or pimples is one of the most common skin disease treated by dermatologists.
  • Acne treatment includes oral medicines and topical acne creams to cure the existing skin lesions and prevent permanent scarring.
  • Other therapies include acne laser and chemical peels.
  • Important part of acne treatment includes acne care and precautions that can be incorporated in daily lifestyle.
  • Acne can have a real impact on a person’s self-confidence.

What is Acne?

Acne is disease of the hair follicles of face (face acne), chest, and back (back acne) that affects almost all boys and girls during puberty.

Cause of acne

Acne occurs when oil glands attached to hair follicles are stimulated at the time of puberty by elevated male hormones.
Oil and dead skin cells become trapped and clog the hair follicle, that enlarges, producing a bump. The follicle wall may rupture resulting in a pimple.

Acne include

  • Whiteheads/ Closed comedo
  • It is a follicle that is filled with sebum, but lacks small opening to the skin surface.
  • Since the air cannot reach the follicle, sebum is not oxidised, and it remains white.
  • Blackhead/Open
  • Blackish bump on the skin due to clogging of the follicle wide open on the skin surface.
  • Contains dead skin cells and sebum, which darkens as it oxidizes on contact with air.
  • Pustular skin lesions-zits or pimples
  • Cysts (deep skin lesions)